Territorial Operative Committee


The SIT is responsible for building and sharing all working tools, strategies and operational modalities best suited to the goals of the project.

The SIT is responsible for the process of transfer / validation of the Guidebook:  Methodological practical Recommendations for Validation of Non formal and Informal Learning.

The SIT is responsible for the supervision, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the project and represents the network required to achieve an international dimension, in order to promote the project results at a European level.


The TOC is the operational body of the SIT and is responsible for territorial implementation of the shares of the project.

The TOC possesses the knowledge and skills to translate into operational terms the choices of the SIT, responding to challenges that arise during the testing activities, thanks to their thorough knowledge of the territory and the needs of beneficiaries.

The TOC is, therefore, responsible for the planning and the programming of the various stages of awareness, testing, dissemination and utilization of results at the local level.

Each partner, proposes its own Committee member by nominating him/her in the proxy subscription (Annex 1).

The TOC shall meet regularly as often as the partners deem appropriate for the proper functioning of the Project, convened by the Director of the Project.

The TOC will be informed of the activities of SIT with e-mail transmission of the minutes of the meetings and may bring their own contribution through suggestions, amendments and supplements to improve project implementation. Transnational meetings will be a time of testing and evaluation of activities.


Both committees will inform the other partners of the progress of project activities of mutual relevance, continuously through the tools of communication and regularly during the Workshops.