The InformaLea-Job project is aimed at building a model of valorisation of competences present in organizations.

The ultimate objective of the project is to build a service that will allow each organization to plan the growth of its human resources.

To achieve this objective, the collaboration of organisations is, for us, invaluable. The Organisations can provide useful information to make our work effective.

This is why we ask you to devote about 20 minutes to fill in the questionnaires that you will find below.

Although it is easy to fill, within each questionnaire you will find instructions to proceed.

The QUESTIONNAIRE COMPANY  will  be filled by a manager / entrepreneur, while the QUESTIONNAIRE EMPLOYEE will be compiled by the 3 workers identified in the QUESTIONNAIRE COMPANY.

The tools can be compiled and stored (or printed) in pdf.



For further information and clarification please contact us at 0564/468811 or at informaleajob@confindustriagrosseto.it



Once compiled and saved the questionnaires, we ask you to send them to us via the following methods:

1. Login to https://www.wetransfer.com/
2. In the Aggiungi file /Add files attached questionnaires saved
3. In the E-mail di un amico /E-mail to a friend please enter the following address informaleajob@confindustriagrosseto.it
4. In La tua e-mail /Your e-mail address enter your address or company
5. In the Messaggio/Message section enter the name and the company headquarters
6. Click on Trasferisci/Transfer

Thanks for your collaboration!